International Fur Animal Scientific Association

Vol 25, no 1 (August 2001)

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Table of contents A4 US letter
  • The Teething Troubles of the New Group of Editors
  • Orbituary - Mikko Harri
  • Catalogue of Nordic Research Projects on Fur Animals
A4 US letter
  • Danish Fur Breeders Research Center Annual Report


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Multidisciplinary A4 US letter
  • Fur Farming in Russia: the Current Situation and the Prospects. N.A. Balakirev, E.A. Tinaeva, Original Report

  • Inhibition of Transient LES Relaxations and Reflux In ferrets by GABA Receptor Agonists.  L. Ashley Blackshaw, E. Staunton, A. Lehmann, J. Dent

Nutrition & Nutritional Physiology  A4 US letter
  • Our Experience in Spirulina Feeding to Minks in the Reproduction Period.  V. Beresto, Original Report       

  • Physiological Changes in Mink (Mustela Vison) Dams Subjected to Weaning at Different Times during Lactation. B. Sørensen, T.N. Clausen, S. Wamberg, O. Hansen     

  • Connection between Levels of Vitamin A, E and Activity of Erythrocyte Super-Oxidedismutase in Farm-Bred Mink and Polar Fox. V.A. Ilukha, T.N. Ilyina, T.R. Ruokalainen  

  •  Indices of Thiamine Metabolism in Mink Blood in Pregnancy Period. T.N. Ilyina  

Ethology, incl. Animal Welfare, Management & Production A4 US letter
  • Swimming Activity of Farm Mink (Mustela Vison) and its Relation to Stereotypies.  C.P. Bjælke Hansen, L. Lau Jeppesen  

  • Effects of Family Housing on Behaviour, Plasma, Cortisol and Performance in Adult Female Mink (Mustela Vison). V. Pedersen, L. Lau Jeppesen 

  • Use of Water for Swimming and its Relationship to Temperature and Other Factors in Farm Mink (Mustela Vison). C.P. Bjælke Hansen, L. Lau Jeppesen 

  • Effects of Space Allowance and Earthen Floor on Welfare-Related Physiological andBehavioural Responses in Male Blue Foxes. H. Korhonen, P. Niemelä, L. Jauhiainen, T. Tupasela 

  • Extent of Digging and its Possible Underlying Causal Factors in Penned Blue Foxes H. Korhonen, P. Niemelä, I. Wikman  

  • Physiological and Behavioural Responses in Blue Foxes (Alopex lagopus) Comparisons between Space Quantity and Floor Material. H. Korhonen, L. Jauhaiainen, P. Niemelä, M. Marri, R. Sauna-aho

  • Determination of the Aversion of Farmed mink (Mustela vison) to Carbon Dioxide. J. Cooper, G. Mason, M. Raj 

Pathology & Diseases    A4 US letter
  • Increasing Costs of Access to Resources Cause Rescheduling of Behaviour in American Mink(Mustela vison): Implications for the Assessment of Behavioural Priorities.J.J. Cooper, G.J. Mason

  • Feeding Growing Mink (Mustela vision) PCB Aroclor® 1254 Does not Affect Baculum (Os-penis) Development. R.J. Aulerich, S.J. Bursian, A.C. Napolitano, T. Oleas 

  • Proliferation of Periodontal Squamous Epithelium in Mink Fed 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin (TCDD). J.A. Render, J.R. Hochstein, R.J. Aulerich, S.J. Bursian   

  • Proliferation of Maxillary and Mandibular Periodontal Squamous Cells in Mink Fed 3,3', 4,4', 5-pentachlorobiphenyl (PCB 126). J.A. Render, R.J. Aulerich, S.J. Bursian, R.F. Nachreiner 

  • Studies on Influenza Viruses H10N4 and H10N7 of Avian Origin in Mink. L. Englund  

New books  A4 US letter



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