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A Bibliography Of Mustelids. 4/2/59 0 Bibliography Mustelids
A Case Of Dirofilariasis In Wild Fox, With Special Reference To Lesions In The Pulmonary Arterial System. 6/2/61 Ashizawa, H. Kugi, G. Nosaka, D. Tateyama, S. Kurogi, R. 0 Dirofilariasis Fox Lesions Pulmonary Arterial System
A Comparison Of The Effects Of Rearing Mink Singly And In Pairs On Their Growth And Reproductive Performance. 1/3/6 Shackleton, D.M. Eccles, T.R. Kitts, W.D. 0 Rearing Mink Growth Reproductive
A New Mink Enteritis In Western United States. 0/0/45 Gorham, John R. Larsen, Austin E. 0 Mink Enteritis
A Study Of Reproduction Factors In Blue Foxes. 4/3/25 Skrivan, Milos Stolc, L. Louda, F. 0 Reproduction Factors Blue Foxes
A Survey Of The Vitamin Status In Mink Of Various Age, Sex, And Pelt Qualities In France (F) And Yougoslavia (Yu). 5/2/33 Belcic, Ivan 0 Vitamin Status Mink Age Sex Pelt Qualities
Accidents Due To Small Carnivores Anesthesia. Note 2. Respiratory Accidents. 6/1/60 Genevois, J.P. Cazieux, A. Autefage, A. 0 Small Carnivores Anesthesia Respiratory Accidents
Acid-Base Disorders In Mink Fed On Fish Silage. 0/0/34 Poulsen, J.S. Dirch Jorgensen, Gunnar 0 Acid-Base Disorders Mink Fish Silage
Acrosomal Damage Caused By Processing Of Frozen Semen From The Silver Fox (Vulpes Argenteus) And The Blue Fox (Alopex Lagopus). 8/3/222 Zalewski, W. Berg, Kjell Andersen 0 Acrosomal Damage Frozen Semen Silver Vulpes Argenteus Blue Fox Alopex lagopus
Advanced Winter Fur Development In Mink By Light Regulation. 2/4/7 Skrede, Anders 0 Fur Development Mink Light
Aleutian Disease Of Mink: Specific Diagnostics, Its Nonprogressive Course And Problems Of Its Eradication. 3/4/44 Slugin, V.S. 0 Aleutian Disease Mink Diagnostics Eradication
An Angiographic Study Of The Fox Testis In Various Stages Of Sexual Activity. 2/1/20 Joffre, M. Kormano, M. 0 Fox Testis Sexual Activity
An Attenuated Mink Enteritis Virus And Its Use In A Trivalent Vaccine: Studies On Safety And Antigenicity. 2/1/43 Vacek, I. Lawson, K.F. Gregg, W.A.M. 0 Mink Enteritis Virus Vaccine Antigenicity
An Experiment Of Feeding Raw Barley And Oat For Mink And Foxes. 2/4/41 Kiiskinen, Tuomo Makela, Jaakko Lohi, Outi 0 Barley Oat Mink Foxes
An Investigation By Means Of Counterimmuno-Electrophoresis (Ciep) For Plasmacytosis In Mink In Some Danish Farms. 0/0/43 Hansen, Mogens 0 Counterimmuno Electrophoresis Ciep Plasmacytosis Mink
Application Of Serological Diagnosis To Eradication Of Aleutian Mink Disease In Canada. 0/0/40 Magwood, S.E. Cho, H.J. Greenfield, J. 0 Serological Diagnosis Aleutian Mink Disease
Applied Science In Mink Ranching. 0/0/14 Rietveld, Anthony A. 0 Applied Science Mink Ranching
Attempts At Hormonal Stimulation Of Estrus And Ovulation In Polar Foxes (Alopex Lagopus). 3/4/16 Jarosz, Stanislaw J. Dukelow, W. Richard Barabasz, Boguslaw 0 Hormonal Estrus Ovulation Polar Foxes Alopex lagopus
Bacterial Quality Of Raw Materials Used In Finnish Mink Feed. 5/1/42 Juokslahti, Tapio 0 Bacterial Quality Mink Feed
Behaviour Development Of Farmed Mink In Large Enclosures. 7/3/34 Kuby, Frank 0 Behaviour Mink
Bibliography Of Foxes. 5/2/66 0 Foxes
Biochemical And Morphological Changes During Shocks. 8/3/182 Lium, Bjorn 0 Shocks
Biochemical Changes In The Skin Of Mink With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Increased Collagen Biosynthesis In The Dermis Of Affected Mink. 2/2/7 Counts, David F. Knighten, Patricia Hegreberg, Gerald A. 0 Biochemical Changes Skin Mink Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Collagen Biosynthesis Dermis
Blood Circulation In The Testis Of The Adult Wild Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes): Involvement Of The Testicular Capsule And Septa In The Seasonal Changes Of Testicular Vasculature And Capillary Blood Flow. 2/1/23 Joffre, M. 0 Testis Red Fox Septa Seasonal Changes Testicular Vasculature Capillary Blood
Blood Enzymes Of Fur Bearing Animals. 6/3/79 Berestov, V.A. 0 Blood Enzymes Fur Bearing Animals